Spring into home and yard maintenance

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WITH the days getting longer and the weather warming up, Spring is a good time to get into home and yard maintenance tasks and projects.

Many of us tend to overlook home and yard maintenance or postpone them for later which can lead to spending thousands of dollars on home repairs.

You could either get your gloves on and DIY, or call the CentacareCQ Home and Yard Maintenance experts for the job.

The CentacareCQ Home and Yard Maintenance experts have the necessary tools and products to do a professional job.

The crew are highly skilled and work as a team, getting your house fixed in no time. Below are some handy notes of what the Team can do for you.

Home Maintenance Checklist

• Device and Appliances

• Inspect the fire extinguisher. Replace it if necessary.

• Replace the batteries in your smoke alarms

• Our Home Maintenance Team can inspect your air conditioning/heating systems, clean out the vents and clean/replace filters.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

• Deep clean the bathroom monthly (­especially the grout in showers)

• Make sure the sinks and drain holes are free from debris

• Clean the in-sink food waste disposal

• Inspect and clean the oven range hood every two months and keep it free from grease

• Inspect the taps and the toilet for leaks

• Examine the caulking in the bathroom in the area around the bathtub and the shower

. Replace the caulking when necessary.

The Great Outdoors

When spring arrives, check the roof for loose or missing tiles. Also, examine the flashing, fascia, and eaves for signs of deterioration

• Clean the deck and seal it if required

• Spruce up your garden. Remove dead or rotting plants. Weed the garden and fertilise the soil

• Trim hedges and unwanted branches

• Repot plants and remove clutter. Redo your lawn landscaping, if required

• Inspect the fly-screens and replace if they look damaged

• Clean out the gutters and downpipes

• Inspect the external drainage system

• Check and repair fences and gates

• Pressure-clean home footpaths and driveway once a year

• Examine doors and windows

• Clean out the garage and remove unwanted items

• Clean out wheelie bins

If you don’t have the time to attend to your home maintenance needs, contact CentacareCQ Home Maintenance.

The team specialises in a broad range of services including lawn care, concrete pressure washing and solar panel cleaning.

Whether you need gutter cleaning, garage cleaning or exterior drain inspections, the team can help.

The value of your property will increase as a result of your home being routinely inspected and maintained.

CentacareCQ Home and Yard Maintenance also provide electrical and plumbing services, house maintenance, garden care and property management/ca retaking.

CentacareCQ can create a customised property management program to suit your needs.

For more information or to book a service, phone 1300 523 985.

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