Aged Care Standards in Focus: Standard Five – Service Environment

In this series of articles we look at the new Aged Care Standards that commenced from 1st July 2019.

Standard 5 in the new Aged Care Standards relates to the Organisation’s service environment. This standard has limited instances where it relates to CentacareCQ services however it is worth discussing all standards and their meanings to better equip ourselves in the community.

Standard 5: Service Environment

I feel I belong and I am safe and comfortable in the organisation’s service environment.

CentacareCQ provides a safe and comfortable service environment that promotes the client’s independence, function and enjoyment.

Purpose and scope of the Standard

Standard 5 applies to the physical service environment that the organisation provides for residential care, respite care and day therapy centres.

It doesn’t apply to home care services where the environment is the client’s home. It also doesn’t apply to other environments that consumers visit, such as bowling clubs or libraries. This Standard is for organisations providing a physical service environment.

It makes sure that the service environment, furniture and equipment support a consumer’s quality of life, as well as their independence, ability and enjoyment.

This means that the service environment suits the client’s needs and is clean, comfortable, welcoming and well maintained. It includes how the safety and security, design, accessibility and layout of the service environment encourage a sense of belonging for consumers.

This Standard covers how an organisation’s service environment:

  • supports the client’s ability to take part in the community and engage with others
  • minimises confusion so client’s can recognise where they are and see where they want to go
  • encourages clients to make their living areas more personal
  • welcomes clients and their family or visitors and provides spaces for culturally safe interactions with others
  • is safe, well maintained and clean
  • helps clients to move freely in the environment (including access to outdoor areas)
  • subtly reduces risk where needed so safety features don’t dominate the environment
  • provides security arrangements in line with best practice to protect clients when lawful and necessary.

The furniture, fittings and equipment provided at the service are also covered by this Standard. It is expected that these are safe, clean, well maintained and suitable for the consumer.

This Standard doesn’t replace work, health and safety laws, or requirements under building legislation.

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CentacareCQ offers a wide range of aged care services across Central Queensland. These services are designed to assist and support people to live independently and safely in their homes for as long as possible.

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