Application Process

To apply online for one of our advertised positions, please follow the steps below. Some positions listed may be for internal applicants and will be clearly marked **Internal applications only**

Please note, while you can edit and review your online application, you can not save and return to the application.

Application process (for both internal and external applications)

  1. Browse current vacancies on our website – click here
  2. Click on the job title you wish to apply for. This will open a new window where you can read more about the position and download the Position Description. This is also where you can complete the online application form.
  3. Complete the online application form. Scroll down the page until you come to section titled ‘Personal Details’. This is the beginning of the application form. An asterix (*) indicates a question is mandatory. You will be unable to submit your application until you have completed all mandatory questions.
  4. Response to questions – Below Personal Details are the Selection Questions for you to complete. Please note you can NOT save and return to the application.
  5. Submit your application – Ensure you have completed all mandatory questions (marked with an asterix). Once you have completed your application, click the ‘Next’ button at the bottom of the page.
  6. Uploading documents – To upload your resume or other relevant documents, click the ‘browse’ button and select the documents you wish to upload from your files. Please attach you cover letter and resume within one document (PDF or DOC format only).  Once uploading is complete, click next.
  7. Reviewing your application, at the bottom of the page you will have the options to edit, start over and confirm.
  8. Acknowledgment of success– Once you click the ‘confirm’ button you will get an ‘application successful’ notification. An email will also be sent to the email address you have provided, acknowledging receipt of your application.

Changing or Withdrawing an Application

Once submitted, you are not able to access your application online. If you wish to change or withdraw your application, please contact the Recruitment Team by email

If there is an online application error, or for any further assistance, please contact email the Recruitment Team via email – or phone 1300 523 985.

Blue Card “No Card, No Start” Information

As of the 1st April 2020 – Blue Card services are bringing in the “No Card, No Start” policy.

CatholicCare requires ALL employees to hold a Blue Card.

To minimise adverse impacts to jobseekers and employers, the ‘NoCard,NoStart’ requirement will be accompanied by a suite of initiatives to streamline the blue card application process,reduce processing time frames and assist people seeking paid employment to be job-ready by allowing them to apply for Blue Cards without an up-front link to an employer. In addition, the development of an online organisational portal will enable organisations to more efficiently and effectively manage their Blue Card obligations including linking and de-linking to applicants and cardholders.