Celebrating Aged Care Employee Day

Today at CentacareCQ we are celebrating Aged Care Employee Day!

On this day we officially recognise and say a BIG THANK YOU to all the dedicated and hard-working individuals throughout the region, and within CentacareCQ.

These amazing people have devoted their lives and careers to improve the lives of our elderly members to maintain their independence and get the support and services they need to live their best life.

The role of an aged care employee is both challenging and rewarding. And in this strange climate 2020 has bestowed upon the world, their commitment to providing high quality care, support and services is even more commendable. We wish to take this opportunity to show our appreciation and love for the work you do.

In celebration of this day, CentacareCQ is inviting our clients to share their positive stories and memories of how our CentacareCQ support team have assisted them, or a family member, over the last 45 years. You can do this via our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CentacareCQ/

For more information on the wide range of aged care services CentacareCQ provide visit: https://www.centacarecq.com

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