[UPDATED] FRC Services move to being provided by phone or video chat


IMPORTANT: Information in this article has been updated on: 31/03/2020. See updates

CentacareCQ’s Family Relationship Centre (FRC) Services will mirror changes made last week to our counselling service by continuing to offer services and appointments by either phone or video chat.

As of Monday 30th March, due to the Coronavirus outbreak and the need for social distancing; all NEW FRC sessions and appointments will only be delivered using digital “over-the-air” means of either phone call or video chat.

For clients with existing in-person appointments

At present the Family Relationship Centre will still conduct in-person appointments for those clients with appointments already booked. Social distancing advice will be followed during these sessions. As the situation develops and based on health department directions it may become necessary to switch your in-person session to an “over-the-air” appointment. Should this change become necessary, we will call to inform you of this change and give you the option to switch to an over-the-air appointment or to cancel and reschedule your session.

If you are sick or self-isolating

If you are sick, self-isolating or simply would just feel more comfortable switching your in-person session to over-the-air please call: 1300 783 544 and we can modify your booking and talk you through the process.

For new clients or existing clients booking additional sessions

For ALL new appointments including existing clients booking additional sessions; over-the-air telephone or video chat session will be the only option available. No new in-person session bookings will be taken.

This change in service also allows us to maintain your important FRC sessions even if you become sick.

To make a booking please call 1300 783 544.

To read more about how CentacareCQ is providing other key services during the Coronavirus outbreak please click here

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