CentacareCQ – operating under a system that brings consistent results

CentacareCQ operates under a Quality Management System that is certified under the globally recognised standard, ISO 9001:2015.

Our Quality Management System documents what we say we are going to do, and then we do it.

We are audited each year by an accredited external provider so that we maintain this standard across the whole of our organisation.

The CentacareCQ Quality Management System places our clients in the spotlight. Our clients can be confident that services are planned to ensure safe, reliable and consistently high quality service delivery within applicable statutory and regulatory requirements every time. CentacareCQ listens to our clients and other stakeholders to replicate success and learn from anything that goes awry to do much better next time. We strive to improve client outcomes, and these are measured and monitored to enable evidence based continual improvement.

CentacareCQ employees and volunteers are pivotal to the success of the Quality Management System so they are encouraged to engage and “own” it, making it relevant to their role, which leads to an increase in their clarity about organisational processes.

Stakeholders can be confident that CentacareCQ is operating under a system that is recognised around the world to bring consistent results that are overseen by senior leaders who are committed to making the Quality Management System work for all stakeholders.

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