Central Queensland, it’s time to be School Savvy

Many children within our community need your help to access their education.

The School Savvy initiative aims to provide pre loved uniforms and quality basic stationery at very little cost. Being 100% community funded, that’s where your help comes in. 

Fresh off the back of a successful 2019 campaign, the School Savvy team is ready to start the 2020 appeal as early as possible to ensure its best success. 

With the demand witnessed at our 2019 pop up shops, it is vital that we secure enough funding to ensure that all children who need our help, receive it. 

Any contribution you or your organisation can make, big or small, will make a significant difference to the education of a child in need. As an added bonus, donations are tax deductable. 

For more information about the School Savvy CQ initiative, please click here.

To be involved or to request further information, please call 1300 523 985 or email schoolsavvy@centacarecq.com.

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