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PD155 Client Registration – FRC Parenting Education & PD085 Confidentiality Statement

The Australian Government provides funding to CatholicCare under the Families and Communities Program through the Department of Social Services (DSS) and/or the Attorney-General’s Department (AGD).

As part of the services provided to you by CatholicCare, we need to collect some information about you to assist DSS and/or AGD in assessing the Families and Communities Program (FCP) effectiveness in providing support. To assist this process, CatholicCare will enter this information into the DSS Data Exchange for reporting on the effectiveness of FCP. Once your information is entered in the DSS Data Exchange, your first and last name will be replaced with a unique code that will de-identify your information, when displayed to DSS and/or AGD. While client names are collected by service providers for their own record keeping purposes, no names are used in any reports or publications.

DSS and AGD are bound to protect the privacy of individuals under the Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth) and CatholicCare has signed a legal agreement to comply with the same rules. Your information will not be provided to a third party (outside DSS and AGD) unless required or authorised by law, for example, to protect someone from harm.

In order for you to make a decision about whether you will provide consent, please note:

  • The reasons for collecting your information set out above and details about how that information will be used.
  • That your information is kept securely and only used by people who need the information.
  • That your information will be entered into the DSS Data Exchange.
  • That your information will be de-identified when displayed to DSS and/or AGD.
  • That your information will not be identified in any report or publication; and
  • That your information will not be further disclosed unless authorised or required by law.

Your involvement in providing this information is completely voluntary.

As part of providing a service, relevant personal information about your current situation will need to be collected and recorded. This information will be a necessary part of the professional service provided to you by CatholicCare.

All CatholicCare staff are bound by confidentiality and information gathered during the provision of your service will remain confidential and secure except when:

  1. It is subpoenaed or required by law by a court
  2. Failure to disclose the information would place you or another person at risk
  3. Your prior written consent has been obtained to discuss certain issues with another person or agency for example, your GP.

Court-referred clients receive ‘Family Counselling’ as per Section 10D and 10H of the Family Law Act 1975. Sections 10D and 10H of the Family Law Act set out the circumstances in which communications made in family counselling and family dispute resolution, respectively, must or may be disclosed.

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