Mackay Friends Group makes a triumphant return

From game days to Goose Ponds, beachside barbeques and beautiful orchids, the triumphant return of CatholicCare’s Mackay Friends Group has delivered many unforgettable adventures.

Mackay Friends Group clients Betty and Shirley enjoy the beauty of the Orchid House during one of their outings.

Coordinator and support worker Courtney Vanderpool, who has been organising the activities since its official return in April, said clients have been enjoying the variety of activities on offer.

The sessions, which are generally held every Tuesday, have been more popular than ever.

“It’s been non-stop excitement since it started back up earlier this year,” Courtney said.

“Our clients have had loads of fun playing bingo and board games like Uno, Yahtzee, attending lunches and morning teas at many of the local cafes and visiting local sites like the Goose Ponds and the Orchid House.

CatholicCare Support Worker Jessica Brookes with client Kevin Kirk enjoying the Goose Ponds.

“Our clients have had a lot of input with regard to the types of activities we hold so that there is something for everyone who attends.

“It has made the group an incredibly special and personalised experience for everyone.”

Clients (from left) Kevin, Betty and Shirley enjoyed the picturesque views during lunch at the Lighhouse before taking a drive out to the wavebreak.

CatholicCare clients and regular Friends Group attendees Enid, Betty and Kevin cannot wait for Tuesday to roll around.

“We wish every day was Tuesday,” Enid said.

“We love seeing the different parts of the town, getting out and about and talking to other people.”

Kevin added: “I enjoy talking to all the lovely people in our group.”

Mackay Friends Group clients unleash their competitive side during a games day (from left) Shirley, Nigel and Kevin.

When it came to choosing their favourite activity so far, the trio unanimously agreed it was too hard to single one just out.

“I don’t have any favourite places we have been to because I love every one of them,” Enid said.

“The games day we recently had was loads of fun.

“We like playing games – we can chat and cheat,” she said giggling with Betty.

“It doesn’t matter where we are going, or what we’re doing, we just know we’re always going to have lots of fun.”

Mackay Friends Group client Kevin relaxing under the canopy of greenery at the Orchid House.

The Mackay Friends Group currently meets every Tuesday for a different activity around the region.

If you would like to register to attend, please call our friendly team on 1300 523 985 or message us on Facebook.

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