Meet the team – Client Experience Team assistant coordinator Kayla Jensen

CentacareCQ’s  Kayla Jensen.

Meet the passionate people behind CentacareCQ.

Q/ How long have you worked at CentacareCQ?

A/ 6.5 years

Q/ What was your role when you first began?

A/ I was employed in administration (full time) for CentacareCQ Yeppoon. From time to time I was asked to take on additional tasks as required. I helped start the surveys for Community Care Clients and helped the Family Relationship Centre (FRC) complete a mammoth load of archiving as well as helping out the Rockhampton office. The end of 2017 saw the organisation grow, where I applied for my current role. I feel very blessed I get to lead a team through a time of growth and change and I am loving the challenges that my role brings.

Q/ What does your role specialise in?

A/ I look after the Client Experience Team (CET), a group of small teams, who are work to ensure our clients ‘have a great experience’ at CentacareCQ. I assist multiple teams – the Client Contact Team (CCT), the Service Scheduling Officer Team, the Intake Team and the Plan Management Team and provide day to day operational support and look after complaints, feedback and back fill of positions.

Q/ What do you enjoy most about your role?

A/ I love the challenge it brings and most importantly I enjoy the results and hearing about great client experiences. I love when we are able to assist in transforming and enhancing people’s lives.

Q/ When you’re not working, how do you like to spend your down time?

A/ I like to spend my down time with my wonderful husband Brett. We like to enjoy our newly built home and spending time socialising with family and friends.

Q/ What is your signature dish to cook?

A/ My husband’s favourite – spaghetti bolognese (I am not a great cook).

Q/ What type of child were you?

A/ My year 1 report card stated: “Kayla loves to chat.” I was outgoing and kind. I was the type of child who would break down barriers by talking to strangers and learn about the world. I guess that is why I could be drawn to working in a faced-paced environment and help people.

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