Meet the team: Senior Client Contact Officer Sharee Woodall

CentacareCQ Sharee Woodall

Meet the passionate people behind CentacareCQ.

Q/ How long have you worked at CentacareCQ?

A/ 7 ½ years

Q/ What was your role when you first began?

A/ The Client Contact Team was a new position, instead of each site taking calls, they all came through a centralised number.

Q/ What does your role specialise in?

A/ I am the Senior Client Contact Officer and lead a team of six staff, receiving all of the calls for CentacareCQ and meeting client’s needs and requests.

Q/ What does the Client Experience Team (CET) do?

A/ We receive the calls throughout CQ, take bookings/requests for counselling, transport, home and yard maintenance, Family Relationship Centre, NDIS, community care and general inquiries. We are the first point of contact for clients and we are the first impression that clients receive.

Q/ What do you enjoy most about your role?

A/ Making a difference to client’s lives, helping, assisting and providing the correct information. Speaking to the clients all day is very rewarding in itself. Working as part of the CET is also very enjoyable.

Q/ Do you have any useful tips for anyone who is contacting CentacareCQ?

A/ Mornings are often busy between 8.30am to 11am, so after lunch is a good time to call. If clients have difficulties getting through, please press 1 and leave a message as we are constantly checking messages

Q/ When you’re not working, how do you like to spend your down time?

A/ I love being with my family, my new grand daughter, going fishing, going away for the weekend and spending time with friends.

Q/ If you could have dinner with 3 celebrities, who would you invite and why?

A/ 1. Jon Bon Jovi- my favourite band

2. Pope Francis or I would be happy to have it with Fr John Daly as he is my favourite – provided so much faith and trust.

3. Jonathon Thurston – an amazing Indigenous sports hero who gives 100% to the end of the game

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