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It’s two words that circulate through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) world, but what does “Plan Management” really mean?

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With ever increasing choices as an NDIS participant, it’s comforting to know that there are ways in which your funding can be managed – this is where the definition of Plan Management comes in.

Plan Management is one of three ways in which an NDIS participant is able to choose to have their NDIS funding managed.

A financial intermediary function, if you like, whereby CentacareCQ can act as the ‘book keeper’ to your plan and ensure bills are paid and your NDIS payment claims are made.

Best of all, it costs nothing to be plan managed.

Should you be approved for it, it is always funded as an ‘extra’ support.

Plan Management does not take funding away from other support budgets allocated to you.

It generally consists of a one-off set up fee as well as a flat monthly processing fee for CentacareCQ to pay your invoices.

The Benefits

BY choosing to be plan managed, you are choosing to direct your own care and support arrangements based on your plan goals.

You access the services and supports you require, direct how and when they are to be delivered and CentacareCQ supports you by completing the financial administration.

You maintain total control over your plan, while CentacareCQ takes the burden out of paying bills, making payment requests and keeping track of financial records.

Best of all, Plan Management also gives you the freedom to access supports from non-­NDIS registered providers.

How does it work?

UPON receiving a service or support that can be claimed under your NDIS plan, you can then forward the invoice to CentacareCQ for processing.

The plan managers will then cross-check the invoice to ensure that it is correct, pay the provider on your behalf and make a payment claim from the NDIS.

Monthly statements will be sent to you so you know exactly what the CentacareCQ team has processed for you.

Getting started

TO choose Plan Management, simply ask your NDIS planner during your initial planning meeting.

Your planner will discuss what options are available and what set up would best support you to meet your plan goals.

You must be approved and be given funding for Plan Management before CentacareCQ can start paying your bills.

Once you have received your plan from the NDIS (with Plan Management included), you can send CentacareCQ a copy.

Your plan will help the team draft a service agreement between you and the organisation to enter into Plan Management services.

After the service agreement is signed, you can begin to tell your support providers to send their invoices directly to CentacareCQ for payment.

Even if your NDIS plan is already approved without Plan Management funding, you are still able to request a change to have plan management included.

To do this, you will need to contact the NDIS directly and request a ‘light touch’ review.

It is important to clearly explain that the reason for your request is to change to plan management.

CentacareCQ values the importance of supporting NDIS participants to work towards achieving their plan goals.

For more information or to nominate CentacareCQ as your Plan Managers phone 1300 523 985


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