Hand-in-Hand Pre-marriage Relationship Education

Please note: This workshop is ONLY currently available in Mackay.

Congratulations on this exciting time in your lives. Your commitment to a long-term relationship brings a kaleidoscope of joyful, and unexpected challenges.

Now is the ideal time to prepare your relationship by having a clear sense of yourselves, as your lives transform two lives into one.

Hand-in-Hand is a program designed to allow couples to gain new insight into their partner and their relationship.

Couples will attend two sessions (two-and-a-half hours each) to access a range of topics relevant to their relationship. The discussion is interactive and guided by an expert facilitator. The sessions allow couples to explore how to expect to develop their life together.

Successful Outcomes

Research indicates that 80% of couples who attend pre-marriage education are still together 10 years later.

Hand-in-Hand will strengthen and grow your relationship by

  • Strengthening communication skills
  • Recognising healthy relationship behaviours
  • Resolving conflicts and reducing stress
  • Considering long-term and family growth issues
  • Developing skills to comfortable discuss more difficult issues
  • Establishing personal, couple and family goals

Please note: This workshop is ONLY currently available in Mackay.

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