Property Mediation

Managing post-separation property issues can be a difficult process for families.

Working with you in the best interest of your children

At CatholicCare we offer clients a safe and neutral environment to facilitate discussions that focus around meeting the needs of your children, while resolving your property issues.

Family Property Dispute Resolution provides an opportunity for clients to talk independently with a trained mediator in a supportive and confidential environment.

During your session, your mediator will facilitate discussions to ensure each parties’ needs are listened to and discussed.

The Process

Parties will attend an individual Intake and Assessment Session. This is a free session.

The mediator will provide information and referral about what you need to bring to your mediation session. They will also assist you to create a list of assets and liabilities, and to explore your future needs.

All services after the free session are $150 per hour, per person—or part thereof.

Please note: Payment is required at the time of the service.

Property mediation is voluntary. We do not provide legal advice and may recommend at different stages in the process that you seek this.

All services are assessed for suitability to proceed. Mediators need to ensure parties are eligible for the service, and that it is safe for the clients to proceed. Our mediators provide confidential and non-judgmental services.

All clients participating in the process should be willing to make a ‘full and frank disclosure’ in regards to financial and property matters.

Things to bring:

  • List of assets
  • List of debts and liabilities
  • Superannuation details

Our staff will provide you with full details during your information session and provide appropriate support and referral as needed.

While each settlement is specific to the individual family, there are some things which can make a matter more complex.

Examples of this include:

  • Owning a business
  • Holding a family trust

For these matters it may be appropriate for you to seek advice or guidance from your accountant and/or financial advisor. This may also add to the duration of the mediation process.

Please ask your mediator for more details.

To make an appointment or for more information about the service, please call 1300 523 985.

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