[UPDATED] Sickness doesn’t have to stop our services


IMPORTANT: Information in this article has been updated on: 31/03/2020. See updates

With reported cases of Coronavirus around Australia on the rise and cancellation notifications of events, sports activities and services arriving almost hourly, it’s reassuring to know that CentacareCQ is well prepared and still able to offer key services.

CentacareCQ has always been quick to embrace and utilise new technology and communication tools.

This allows us to offer several of our key services via phone or video chat. These services include:


How to book

When booking your appointment, you can request a telephone or video chat session instead of physically attending one of our centres across the region. Our counselling services can even be booked online.

As the Coronavirus situation develops the team at CentacareCQ will be responding to and following advice issued. At present we are still offering the ability to meet in person. However this option may become unavailable as the virus progresses. This does not mean you have to miss out on getting the help and support you need regardless of whether you are sick yourself, are just being cautious and “social distancing” yourself or if we are at the point where we are no longer offering physical meetings.

Existing appointments can also be easily switched to phone or video chat appointments.

If you would like to make or modify an appointment please call: 1300 523 985. For Family Relationship Centre services please call: 1300 783 544.

To read more about how CentacareCQ is prepared for Coronavirus please click here

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