Social Group fun in Blackwater

Come and join our Community Care Social Groups in Blackwater.

CENTACARECQ‘S Community Care Social Support Groups caters for eligible members of our community of any age.

Through our social support groups we empower our clients who may have become socially isolated to re-engage and build new social contacts and networks.

By offering a diverse range of leisure experiences we enable participants to make choices and decisions to suit their individual needs and interests.

Centre Day Groups

Our Centre Day based groups includes various activities as see below: (held at various times at the Blackwater CentacareCQ office)

Arts and Craft Group

Various art and craft activities done – morning tea is served. Arts and crafts and other creative projects can help alleviate boredom and keep seniors’ minds busy, and may even help prevent feelings of depression. Furthermore, arts and crafts help with hand-eye coordination, cognitive abilities, and concentration.

Games Morning

Various games available for clients e.g. scrabble, puzzles etc. Morning tea is served.


Various dates and times. Both variations involve the calling of numbers, images or playing cards and marking off on cards to win prizes.

Morning tea is served. Bingo enhances hand-eye coordination.

Reflexes and coordination decline naturally as seniors age, however certain games such as bingo can help seniors maintain a high-level of hand-eye coordination, boosts cognitive abilities, improves physical health, increases socialization, accelerates healing and recuperation.


Various locations/venues (outdoors weather permitting)

BBQ picnics are enjoyed in various park locations or a sausage sizzle.

BBQ at Bedford Weir

Picnic locations– Emerald Parklands/ Fairbairn Dam/ Emerald Botanic Gardens/Duaringa – information Centre

Mystery Morning Tea Tours

Participants are collected and transported to a mystery location for morning tea/ lunch and sightseeing

Exercise Group

Assistance and guidance is given to provide a range of activities for the more active or young at heart to engage in leisure, exercise and recreation activities. Morning team provided.

Special Event Luncheons & Outings

Various times and various locations – check monthly calendar

Luncheons for special occasions like St Patrick’s Day, Halloween or Melbourne Cup Day or Bus trips for luncheons further afield to country areas.

Shopping Bus Trips

Periodically on Fridays with transport available to shopping destinations, including a stop for morning. Pub lunch to follow.

Emerald shopping Centre

Emerald Op Shopping

Blackwater Shopping Fair

Blackwater Library Day

Enjoy a day at the Blackwater Library, exploring the histories of Blackwater and Australia and a tour of the Library with tons of information provided by the Library staff

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