Support worker shares the joys of his job

As the sun filtered through the lattice work of Margaret Kearny’s veranda, she shared a smile with CentacareCQ support worker Lal Surendra.

The pair exchanged stories of family, music and cooking as Lal watered the succulents with care.

Margaret said she has been receiving support for her Home Care Package from CentacareCQ since August 2019.

She said she was grateful for every bit of help she has received to make her life a little easier. This has included getting help with keeping her home clean and tidy and making sure she could attend her important appointments in town.

Margaret said she has kept her very own record of every worker who has helped her as a way of remembering and appreciating the support she’s received since her first service.

“You couldn’t ask for better people,” Margaret said

“Like this one, Tabitha, she took me to the hospital for an appointment – she was wonderful.

“On another occasion I had to get a new photo for my ID card, and the lovely Rebecca helped me and afterwards we got take away and ate it back at my place.

“And I had another lovely lady,” she said flicking through the pages eagerly trying to find the booking. “She took me out to lunch at the Frenchville Sports Club – it was absolutely lovely.”

Margaret said she has always been a fan of the women of CentacareCQ who have helped her – whether it was a phone enquiry or an actual service in person.

She said she had always preferred female support workers as she felt more comfortable with them.

This was until recently, when she met Lal Surendra.

Margaret explains: “The support worker who was scheduled to help me with some cleaning had fallen ill. The lady on the phone asked me if I was happy if Lal could come over to assist instead.”

“Later that morning, I was greeted by Lal who came and made my bed, cleaned my shower and toilet in no time at all.

“He was incredibly well-mannered, caring of my needs and in particular how I needed to have my bed made which meant a lot to me.

“I give praise to him – he was so helpful.”

With more than 12 years experience and a swag of awards recognising his dedication and passion in the health and aged care industry, Lal Surendra joined CentacareCQ three months ago as a support worker.

He said the role has been a great way to engage with people in his community, listen to their stories and give them the care and assistance they need to make their day a little easier.

“Every day is a new learning experience. There’s a great deal of satisfaction from doing a good job,” Lal said.

Lal said the day in the life of a Support Worker varied, no two days were the same. On a typical workday, he would receive his roster the day before, which consisted of the bookings and services he had with clients (ie: cleaning, social support, or welfare checks).

“If there is an opportunity to get to the client’s home a little earlier, I make an effort to do so. It’s a great way to start the service and to also create a new friendship with them,” Lal said.

“For many of my clients, me dropping in for the day, may be the only time they get to talk to anyone.

They have so many great stories to tell and they really appreciate the chance to talk to someone about their day and what they’re up to.

“I’ve met some wonderful clients in the short time I’ve been here [at CentacareCQ].

The role of a Support Worker is filled with so many gems.”

How we can help

  • Social Support
  • Domestic Assistance
  • Personal care
  • Medication Monitoring
  • Social Groups and much more.

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