Your rights and responsibilities

CENTACARECQ recognises their clients have a right to be looked after properly, treated well and provided with high-quality care and services.

In Commonwealth funded aged care services, The Charter of Rights & Responsibilities – ­Home Care and the Department of Communities- Your Rights and Responsibilities outlines what to expect when receiving care.

To make sure all CentacareCQ‘s clients receive the best care, all service providers have responsibilities and must meet certain standards.

Clients have the right to:

Receive a quality service

Be treated with respect, courtesy, dignity and to be accepted as an individual

Be treated without exploitation, abuse, discrimination, harassment or neglect

Expect privacy and confidentiality and to access your personal information kept by CentacareCQ

Be involved in deciding what care will meet their needs

Be informed and have their views valued

Be helped to understand any information they are given

Have access to an advocate or their choice of a person to speak on their behalf

Have a written agreement covering everything they and their service provider have agreed to

Have their fees determined in a way that is transparent, accessible and fair

Receive information on how to provide feedback about their care and services and to have these handled fairly and confidentially

Refuse a service

Be given a copy of the Rights and Responsibilities’ specific to their funded program.

CentacareCQ clients also have some responsibilities to the people who are providing care to.

CentacareCQ ask that their clients:

Respect the rights of care workers and treat staff and volunteers with respect and courtesy

Give enough information to the service provider so they can develop and deliver their care plan

Follow the terms and conditions of your written agreement

Provide a safe work environment for workers, help them to provide clients with services safely, and inform them if there are any potential hazards

Pay any fees outlined in their written agreement

Take responsibility for the results of any decisions which they make with staff about their care.

As the preferred care provider CentacareCQ have set responsibilities that the organisation takes seriously and forms part of the CentacareCQ Constitution.

CentacareCQ undertakes the responsibility to:

Ensure its services are accessible and affordable, especially to those who are disadvantaged, regardless of gender, ethnic origin, beliefs or disability.

Uphold the rights of each person, including their right to dignity and privacy and a safe environment.

Uphold the rights of each person, including their right to dignity and privacy and a safe environment.

Empower clients to achieve maximum level of autonomy and self-determination.

Consult and work cooperatively with other community agencies and groups towards the development of a supportive community.

Be fully accountable for its programs and financial operations.

Be committed to quality of service and to the continuous improvement of its client focused services.

For more information please contact CentacareCQ and ask to speak with a Case Manager or Program Manager on 1300 523 985.

Other resources available:

Older Persons Advocacy Network: 1800 700 800 or

ADA – Aged & Disability Advocacy Australia: 1800 818 338

Myagedcare: 1800 200 422 or

Dept of Communities: NDIS:

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