Future leaders of CentacareCQ

CENTACARECQ have commenced a Future Leaders Program, designed to assist in the development of emerging, high potential leaders from across the Diocese.

During this program, participants will enhance their own understanding of leadership and engage in a shared learning experience.

Future leaders require fundamental management skills and general knowledge of CentacareCQ programs and services to progress their careers.

Learning from the experiences of established leaders across the organisation and each other, they will explore development through a range of topic areas such as: cultural leadership, collaboration , diversity and ethics, emotional and social intelligence, creativity and innovation.

Participants will commit to a 2 year journey of leadership activities, including two annual retreats, regular face to face mentoring and coaching as well as online meetings, designed to stretch them intellectually and personally.

During this program participants will also complete Certificate IV studies in Community Services.

The aim of the program is to build the capabilities of strong leaders to deliver a resilient, sustainable and vibrant leadership team within CentacareCQ.

The program will suit emerging leaders who want to increase their management and leadership knowledge, gain exposure to key role models and develop partnerships with peers for long-term networking and support.

Participants are typically in their first decade of their career and will be selected based on their senior leadership potential.

In essence, the leadership program will build a better, stronger and more vibrant and passionate team to better serve our clients and the community.
– Don Butler- Manager- Identity and Employee Engagement

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