Case Management

CatholicCare offers case management to those people living at home, who need support in accessing services. We can help you to decide which services you require and how to get them, as well as ongoing coordination and monitoring of services provided.

Our friendly, qualified case managers will focus on your wellbeing and work with you to understand your individual needs. Support can include referral, advocacy and goal setting.

Manage your package your way

You can choose to manage your own home care package, or have CatholicCare manage it for you. The differences between a self and CatholicCare managed care package can be found in the table below. [All associated costs are covered by your home care package.]

Care Package Management Comparison

Self Managed Package
CatholicCare Managed Package

Primary contact
Call centre
Dedicated case manager

Specialist appointments
Self arranged
Dedicated case manager assisted

Purchasing equipment
Claim reimbursements on invoice
Purchased directly by CatholicCare on your behalf

Making changes to service requirements
Call centre
Dedicated case manager assisted

12 month review by Intake Team
As required but at least every 3 months by your dedicated case manager

Home visits
On request (fee applies)
Regular visits from your dedicated case manager

CDC statements / package statement
Self review via online portal
Reviewed by your case manager and mailed directly to you


We offer Case Management Services to:

  • Those on a Home Care Package level 1-4
  • Those eligible under the Queensland Community Care Program (QCCS) – people aged under 65, or under 50 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, who live at home and whose capacity for independent living is at risk.

How to Apply

At CatholicCare we understand that applying for a home care package can seem daunting. Here is a link to our simple 5 step guide on how to apply and what to expect.

Read our guide


Please see our fee schedule for more details here or call us to discuss further.

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