NDIS Plan Management

It’s two words that circulate through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) world, but what does Plan Management mean?

What is NDIS Plan Management?

Plan Management is one of three ways you, the participant, may have your support funding managed.

  1. Self-managed: The NDIS will pay you or your nominee directly for the agreed supports.
  2. NDIA-managed: The NDIS will pay your support provider directly for the agreed supports.
  3. Plan-managed: The NDIS will pay your Plan Manager directly for these supports and the Plan Manager will pay the provider.
The Plan Management Team are the Financial Intermediary Function that allows you to receive services and supports from any provider and act as your ‘bookkeeper’ to ensure the invoices are paid and claimed through the NDIS.

When you are Plan Managed, there is no longer a restriction on only using National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) Registered Providers. This provides you with the freedom to direct your own care and support arrangements based on your plan goals.

As part of the service, the Plan Management Team keep you up-to-date with monthly statements showing exactly what we have processed on your behalf, your current plan balances and contact you if there are any concerns with the payment or processing of the invoices.

To make this a viable option for participants, plan management is an added support you can request as part of your plan. Once you are approved, the cost of the plan management is added to your plan as an additional support meaning there is no cost to you, and it doesn’t affect your existing supports.

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