Voice to Parliament

Our position on the Voice to Parliament

CatholicCare Central Queensland is dedicated in our commitment to social justice, equity, and inclusivity. By endorsing the Australian Indigenous Voice to Parliament, we demonstrate our core values that align with the teachings of the Catholic faith.

This alignment is deeply embedded within our profound dedication to addressing historical injustices and advocating for marginalised communities.
By supporting the Voice to Parliament, we aim to contribute to a more just and equitable society, fulfilling our moral obligation to stand in solidarity with those who have been historically silenced and underrepresented.

Upholding human dignity and promoting social justice lie at the heart of our Voice to Parliament endorsement.

Reconciliation and healing form essential pillars of our mission, echoing the power of forgiveness and unity that are fundamental to the Catholic Church. This endorsement acknowledges historical wrongs and the importance of working collaboratively to create a more inclusive society.

By actively participating in the healing process, we live our commitment to respecting the inherent dignity of all cultures and individuals.

Engrained in the principles of Catholic social teaching, we recognise the significance of involving affected communities in decision-making processes. By supporting the Voice to Parliament, we demonstrate our commitment to the ideals of solidarity, subsidiarity, and the common good.

We recognise that this historic initiative is pivotal in addressing systemic inequalities faced by Indigenous communities.
Our endorsement of the Voice to Parliament re-affirms our position as an advocate for marginalised voices, social justice, equity, and human rights.

We want to contribute to a society that truly embraces inclusivity, reconciliation, and respect for all.

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