Waraburra State School shows their School Savvy support

“Without basic human rights, how can children be expected to participate in school?”

This is the question asked by Waraburra State School’s Behaviour Support Teacher, Taylor Hurst and Guidance Officer, Sheli Ganter, who emphasised the importance of every child having the opportunity to make the most of their education.

Waraburra State School has jumped on board the School Savvy initiative to become Gracemere’s first donation point.

With a strong focus on the health and wellbeing of their students, Taylor and Sheli said the school was excited to do their part to benefit the Gracemere community.

“We realise that not every child has the same opportunities to start the school year with all of the necessary resources. Some families really do struggle with the essentials,” Sheli said.

Taylor added: “The costs are hard enough to manage with just one child, so we see families with multiple children who are really struggling.”

“We’ll be offering the second-hand uniforms from our own uniform shop to School Savvy to stock at their pop-up shops.”

Taylor said she and Sheli heard about School Savvy through their school’s Wellbeing Group and wanted to find out more about how the school could be involved.

“It’s not just about being able to give a child the right resources and tools for their education; it’s about strengthening their social and emotional wellbeing as well,” Sheli said.

“It makes a big difference in a child’s life to feel socially and emotionally secure, and School Savvy is one way to help with this.”

School Savvy is a back-to-school resource program run by CentacareCQ that provides second-hand uniforms and booklist stationery supplies at extremely low-cost.

Project Coordinator Anna Morris said School Savvy relied on uniform donations and business sponsorships; sponsorships which are used to purchase stationery supplies commonly found on back-to-school booklists.

“Pop-up shops will be held in January 2020 with all items available at between one to five dollars for a bundled pack,” she said.

“The money from each sale is used to purchase more stationery supplies throughout the week.”

Anna said for anyone wanting to support School Savvy, the best way to help is by donating second-hand uniforms or quality stationery supplies.

Donations can be dropped into any of the donation points across the Rockhampton Region, including Waraburra State School in Gracemere.

For more information contact CentacareCQ on 07 4937 4106 or email schoolsavvy@centacarecq.com.

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