WOW – Exploring Wellbeing Sessions

CentacareCQ has an opportunity for 10 people to take a FREE eight session Wellbeing webinar.

Over the past fifteen years, there has been a growing field of research that combines aspects of psychology, health and economics that is exploring what makes us happy – and what kind of things that we can do to improve our well-being.

It has been partly fuelled by the rapid pace of social, environmental and technological change – and partly fuelled by a growing recognition that money isn’t buying us as much happiness as we had thought it would.

Exploring wellbeing is an experiential program that uses the Wheel of Well-being (WoW) as a framework to explore the component parts of happy lives from the perspectives of body, mind, spirit, people, place and planet.

It consists of eight, 45-minute online, with groups of up to 10 people, facilitated by a verified Wheel of Wellbeing Practitioner.

Each week you will pick a different activity to complete and the following week you will explore your experiences and together try and figure out what works for you.

Course Objectives

  • To experience some practical and fun wellbeing activities
  • To reflect on what works for you
  • To connect with others
  • To discover what works for you and your wellbeing

Session Dates & Times

  • 4th September 2020 – 9am
  • 9th September 2020 – 9am
  • 11th September 2020 – 9am
  • 16th September 2020 – 9am
  • 18th September 2020 – 9am
  • 23rd September 2020 – 9am
  • 25th September 2020 – 9am
  • 30th September 2020 – 9am

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